Welcome to Metro Repulse

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Welcome to Metro Repulse

Post by Ibarra on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:47 pm


So, you've stepped on this server's ground, MR-RP. You're probably wondering what is capable of possibly doing in the server. We'll hand you basic information
For starters, we have an amazing scripter that had put the script/changed it around in order to make it even better.

We have ways of storing guns inside your own household, apart from that we have a specific death system when once you are down, your injuries will be stated for others to see and it will tell you how many times you have been shot in said area.

Our current administration lies below.

Owner/Co-Owner: Ibarra - Elite Commander
Lead Developer: CurtisPvP

If you have any problems or questions, you may PM one of the other, other then that please enjoy your stay here, as we welcome your company. We are still currently new and still have staff to acquire under our hands but that will be arranged in due time, the server is still under construction as we fill in the required details and finish off with the script so we may then launch, there may be a possibility of having a Teamspeak server but that is hush-hush business.


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